Divisions & Specialisations

Members of ISPON are required to identify their areas of professional competence and specialisation, as provided in the General Policy Guidelines. A member may belong to two areas of professional divisions, comprising a primary specialisation and secondary specialisation.

The divisions are as presented below. Contact the Branch to indicate your areas of specialisation.
1. Public Safety Division
2. Process Safety Management Division
3. Safety Engineering Division
4. Construction Safety Division
5. Mining Safety Division
6. Aviation Safety Division
7. Marine Safety Division
8. Road Safety Division
9. Factories and Plants Safety Division
10. Environmental Safety and Sustainable Development Division
11. Occupational Health and Hygiene Division
12. Security Division
13. Fire and Explosion Safety Division
14. Emergency Management Division
15. Food Safety Division
16. Agriculture Safety Division
17. Oil And Gas Division
18. Laboratory Safety Division
19. Educational Institutions and Related Institutions (School Safety)
20. Medical and Biomedical Safety Division
21. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Safety Division
22. Radiation Safety Division
23. Domestic Safety