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The general public is by this notice advised to avoid any dealings with Mr. Kaizer Ebiwari, Mr.Benson Adam-Otite, Cheif Stephen Udezi and others who are parading themselves as officials of ISPON in their bid to decieve unsuspecting members of the public.
The named persons are not members of ISPON, having being expelled long ago.
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Objectives & Duties

As provided in the ISPON Act 2014, the objectives of the Institute include:

a) Organize and provide professional training in the area of safety management

b) In collaboration with relevant government agencies, set standard of practice and determine the knowledge and skill to be acquired by persons seeking to register and practice as safety professionals and to improve on such standard from time to time

c) Do all such things as necessary to promote the advancement of safety profession in both the public and private sectors of the economy.

In line with "c" above, the Institute is:

(1.) To provide a centre for Safety Officers, Safety Managers, Safety Engineers, Safety consultants, Security Professionals, Occupational Health Specialists, Occupational Hygienists, Environmentalists and all safety professionals in the area of safety management in Nigeria and generally to do such things as may, from time to time, be necessary to maintain a strict standard of professional ethics amongst its members and to advance the interest of safety management.
(2.) To make presentations to the Government in Nigeria the views of the Institute on any subject of concern or interest to safety management and if considered advisable to join with other bodies in submitting such presentations.
(3.) To promote, protect, encourage and maintain a high standard of health and safety management study and practice and encourage greater efficiency therein.
(4.) To be a body to which the government, public or private organisations can have recourse for advice, or assistance on any subject of concern or interest to safety of life and property.
(5.) To facilitate the development of the institute, and acquisition of technology through visits to places of safety management and or participating in professionals’ meetings, conferences, seminars, symposia and exhibitions, within and outside Nigeria.
(6.) To nominate any member or members as arbitrators, panellists, Investigators, auditors, expert witnesses or specialist advisers whenever called upon to do so or if such is of interest to the Institute.
(7.) To create awareness and/or apply for legislation or judicial interpretation on issues that would advance or enforce any object of the Institute.
(8.) To watch over, promote and protect the mutual interests of its members, ensure their continuous development and give advice to members.